Volkswagen unveils office chair that can travel up to 20 kilometers per hour

Automaker Volkswagen has developed a prototype five-wheeled office chair that uses the same technology found in its electric vehicles.

The no-name model chair was designed by Volkswagen Norway’s commercial vehicle department to help users feel like they’re in a Volkswagen electric car, complete with a horn, seatbelt and hi-fi music system. fi to start.

Volkswagen Norway has developed an electric office chair model

“The chair is designed to give office workers an idea of ​​what it’s like to have a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles car as their workplace,” Volkswagen said.

“You can drive, honk and listen to music – even signal when you’re turning in a meeting room,” the brand added.

A silver and black tire by Volkswagen
It comes with aluminum and rubber wheels

Closely resembling a traditional gaming chair, the office chair has a top speed of 20 kilometers per hour, which is similar to most electric scooters. It is charged using a removable battery that can cover up to 12 kilometers on a single charge.

Instead of a steering wheel, the chair has two pedals that users can move with their feet to change direction.

LED light strips along the armrests help users indicate when they are changing direction in the workplace and two red brake lights provide safe driving around the office.

Meanwhile, a touchscreen displays a rear-view camera and 360-degree sensors alert users to any obstacles.

A touch screen on a Volkswagen office chair
A touchscreen on the armrest displays the rear view camera angle

“With the headlights you can light up even your darkest overtime party, and if an office party suddenly breaks out, you’ll quickly be the center of attention and create a very, very cool vibe with the party lights from desk from the chair,” Volkswagen explained.

“With desktop assistance like a rear-view camera and 360-degree sensors, you’re fully aware of all potential threats and disruptions.”

Although the office chair will not go into production, users can test the model chair at dealerships and at events all over Norway. While driving, they can listen to pre-selected “road trip” music via the hi-fi system.

Other features more commonly found on cars include four-inch-thick aluminum rims around the wheels and a pedal-operated steering system.

LED lights along the armrest of an office chair
LED lights are positioned along the arms

For more savvy office workers, there’s a 0.005 cubic meter trunk in the back, which Volkswagen says is “perfect” for storing office equipment, including laptops, paper reports and notebooks. .

Elsewhere, the silver Volkswagen “VW” logo is knitted into the headrest and wheels, matching the silver metallic paint on the exterior of the chair.

Many brands are capitalizing on the growing demand for quirky chairs in offices and homes.

More recently, McDonald’s launched a limited-edition “ultimate gaming chair” that lets users snack and play games at the same time, while Swedish furniture brand IKEA has collaborated with popular hardware brand Republic of Gamers on a collection of furniture suitable for PC games.

Images and video are courtesy of Volkswagen Norway.

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