Turn your home into an automated smart home with up to 30% off IoT Gadgets from SwitchBot

Who knew that for just a few hundred dollars you could turn your regular home into a voice-operated home? ! Say hello to SwitchBot, an award-winning company that creates IoT devices that can turn your home into a smart home that you can control using your voice, an app, or automatic routines! SwitchBot’s wide range of devices lets you control your front door, home switches, lights, outlets, and even curtains! The company also makes smart home sensors, including motion sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, and even smart cameras that can track humans, work at night, and even pan and tilt to cover larger areas.

The company is officially announcing 25% off all products on its website and Amazon online store, with the option to take an additional 5% off using the promo code YANKODS3 especially for YD readers! Their products don’t just automate homes to reduce human effort (like robot curtain or smart light), they work together to make life easier and safer (using camera and door lock smart), and can be paired via WiFi. using the SwitchBot Hub Mini to create routines that connect your curtains to your alarm clock and your smart camera to your door lock!

SwitchBot’s Black Friday sale runs for 11 days, from November 18 to November 28. Go ahead and add stuff to your cart now!

SwitchBot 2 Curtain Rod

Imagine relying on the most efficient alarm clock in the world, the sun! SwitchBot’s Curtain Rod 2 simply attaches to your standard curtain rod and moves up and down to control your curtains. With the ability to connect to the app or even your voice and other smart products in your home, Curtain Rod 2 lets you automatically open or draw your curtains without lifting a finger. The device fits almost any type of rod and runs on an internal battery that can be charged via USB-C or hooked up to a solar panel that keeps your Curtain Rod 2 powered infinitely. Set the bot to work with your alarm clock or turn it off automatically during movie afternoons or when the game is on. Even better, you can use the Curtain Rod 2 as an energy saving device by allowing it to automatically turn off on bright summer days so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work overtime!

Click here to buy now: $69 $99 (30% discount with promo code “YANKODS3”).

SwitchBot Bluetooth Electronic Smart Lock

The beauty of the SwitchBot Bluetooth Electronic Smart Lock isn’t just its smart features, it’s the fact that the device fits right over your existing door lock, transforming it from a manual lock to an automated one. Designed to easily fit virtually any standard deadbolt lock, this unique gadget lets you open or lock your door via Bluetooth (or even WiFi if you’re using the SwitchBot Hub Mini) using from your phone or even your Apple Watch. The SwitchBot lock runs industry standard 128-bit AES encryption, and if all else fails, don’t worry, you can still control the lock manually. The best part, since the device fits existing deadbolts, you can practically take it with you if you ever move house!

Click here to buy now: $70 $99.99 (30% discount with promo code “YANKODS3”).

SwitchBot Plus Meter

The SwitchBot Meter Plus is truly an underrated smart home gadget. The IoT-enabled thermometer and hygrometer work in conjunction with SwitchBot’s own humidifier or even compatible air conditioners, allowing you to automate your room’s temperature and humidity to provide perfect living conditions every time. time. The small display monitors temperature and humidity in real time and can be programmed via the SwitchBot app to automatically control your air conditioner, thermostat or humidifier (or even dehumidifier) ​​whenever conditions deviate from optimal levels.

Click here to buy now: $12.60 $17.99 (30% discount with promo code “YANKODS3”).

SwitchBot Button Pusher

SwitchBot’s first product gets its biggest discount yet! The original “switch bot”, also known as Button Pusher, is a simple IoT device that turns normal switches into smart switches. Now with a huge 42% discount (with promo code 178IHJYA), the push button simply attaches to any standard with a rocker switch, and can turn the switch on or off by pushing or pulling it. Once installed (using secure 3M tape – no screws or drilling required), the push button can control your light switches through the SwitchBot app, through your smart home appliance using voice commands, and even using timers that allow you to automatically switch appliances or lights on. on or off at specific times of the day!

Click here to buy now: $16.80 $29 (42% off with promo code “178IHJYA”).

SwitchBot’s Black Friday sale is live now, with 25% off all products in the store. Be sure to use the code YANKODS3 to get that extra 5% discount for big savings on your smart home setup!

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