Tommy Lee’s fully nude social media post has users questioning ‘double standards’

Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee shocked social media users on Thursday when he went totally naked in an extremely dangerous photo for work.

The photo showed Lee fully naked from above and leaving everything hanging out.

The photo was reportedly posted for hours on Instagram before eventually disappearing from the social media site. The photo also appeared on the musician’s Facebook page.

“Ooooopppsss,” Lee wrote alongside the photo.

“OH MY GOD,” Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan commented.

The snap showing Lee’s birthday suit still pops up on his Twitter account Friday morning.

The hours-long wait for the nude photo to disappear from the site sparked a debate over whether the platform has a “double standard” when it comes to censorship, Newsweek reported.

Instagram’s community guidelines prohibit nudity on its platform “for a variety of reasons,” according to its website.

The policy includes a ban on “genitals” and “certain photos of female nipples”, a topic that sparked a conversation online via the #FreeTheNipple social movement.

Social media users immediately weighed in on how long the photo of Lee’s penis appeared on Instagram compared to the nipple photos.

One user, journalist Junkee Lavender Baj, tweeted that she was on her “last hit on Instagram”. for making “one too many” jokes about nudes while Lee can freely post his body online.

Lee’s photo comes two months after a photo of actor Cole Sprouse’s butt sparked a debate over celebrity nudes, Buzzfeed News reported.

“Hello my publicity team,” Sprouse wrote alongside the nude photo.

Some users felt Sprouse’s photo showed how women like Britney Spears, who has an affinity for posting nude photos on her Instagram, don’t receive the same appreciation.

While Sprouse received praise for her photo, users claimed that Spears needed “therapy” and “help” to show off her skin, according to the news site.

Instagram did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request comment on its community guidelines.

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