PITAKA offers MagSafe solutions for your home or on the go with MagEZ Slider and other PitaFlow accessories

PITAKA creates some of the coolest accessories for iPhone owners. With Qi-compatible and standard MagSafe chargers, Apple users can enjoy its products on the go, at home or in the office. Here are some of the best options you can find right now.

PITAKA MagEZ Slider is the perfect companion to your desk or nightstand setup

PITAKA’s MagEZ Slider is a multi-charging power solution that simultaneously charges three devices at the same time while providing a MagSafe slide-out power bank. Its compact desktop charging system easily saves space while you charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and even wireless charging headphones, such as AirPods.

Since PITAKA’s MagEZ Slider offers two options, you can use it on your desk or simply slide it out of the docking station to use it as a MagSafe compatible power bank.

As the company explains, the MagEZ Slider features a unique docking station that simultaneously charges the portable charger along with your other essentials. The included power bank is packed with 4000mAh of power, ensuring your iPhone has enough power to last all day while featuring an ergonomic design and aramid fiber finish for comfortable all-day grip .

For $139, PITAKA offers free shipping on orders over $30 and has a 7-day return policy. You can find it here and on Amazon.

In addition, PITAKA also offers other MagSafe compatible products, such as Mount Pro, which is perfect for charging your iPhone in the car, and Mount Lite, which securely holds your iPhone. You can find them here starting at $39.99.


Finally, the MagEZ Card Sleeve 3 is the perfect alternative to the MagSafe wallet that allows you to hold two smart/magstripe cards or four business cards at once. You can find it here for $29.99.

Discover here all the PITAKA accessories for your iPhone.

PitaFlow is the ultimate ecosystem of magnetic accessories that fully integrates with your iPhone and iPad

Although you already have a glimpse of what you can do with PITAKA’s MagEZ accessories, there is more to enjoy. Thanks to the PitaFlow ecosystem, which wants to improve and integrate your daily routine – not only that of iPhone users – iPad owners can also have a real ecosystem of magnetic accessories at home.

For iPad mini 6, PITAKA offers its MagEZ Case Pro with a reinforced frame and airbags around all corners to protect your tablet from damage. Plus, its stylus clip secures your Apple Pencil wherever you go.

With the MagEZ charging stand, you can also secure your iPad mini 6 to secure premium support. The best part about this PITAKA accessory is the ability to charge your tablet while you focus on the screen.

For iPad Air and iPad Pro users, PITAKA offers stands, protective cases and folios to better secure, hold and transport your iPad. And they just released a FlipBook iPad case with Magic Keyboard that lets you carry your devices and other EDC stuff without adding too much bulk and also lets you set up your workstation in a fraction of a second. All with a premium finish. Find PitaFlow accessories for your iPad here.


These are some of the best offers that PITAKA offers to its users. Whether you want to charge your iPhone at home or on the go, or simply boost your flow while working from the iPad, the company offers Folio-ready cases, stands and options for the latest generation of Apple products.

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