Kim Kardashian on Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski Romance: Report

Kim Kardashian has seemingly weighed in on all the talk about her ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, apparently dating Emily Ratajkowski.

If you managed to miss it somehow, the internet went into a frenzy earlier this week when an anonymous user claimed to have spotted Pete and Emily – both newly single and based in New York – practice a bit in public.

The blind post, which was submitted to celebrity gossip site Two Me, read: “EMRATA AND PETE DAVIDSON ON A DATE IN BROOKLYN TOGETHER. HOLDING HANDS AND ALLLLL.

Twitter: @deuxmoiworld

Shortly after, multiple sources who spoke to Us Weekly and E! News claimed that Pete and Emily have a lot of “flirty chemistry” and are in the “early stages” of their relationship.

But the icing on the cake came when photos of Pete and Emily looking incredibly cozy surfaced online, after the pair apparently celebrated the comedian’s 29th birthday in New York.

Now, given that Pete very recently split from Kim in August after nine months of dating, netizens immediately wondered how the beauty mogul would react to her apparent new relationship.

While the pair have yet to speak at length about their breakup, one of Pete’s pals, Johnny Potenza, claimed the comedian was the one who dumped Kim after he grew tired of his “baggage.”

“I think Kim had too much baggage for him,” Johnny said. “She’s 20 years older, she has four kids and she was married to Kanye West who was always giving them trouble.”

Maybe that’s why, along with the fact that Kim and Emily have a public friendshipthat several netizens began to speculate that Kim would be upset by Pete’s apparent new romance with the model.

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One Twitter user predicted there would be ‘drama’ to come ‘for sure’ because of Kim and Emily’s friendship, while others seemed to believe Kim had thrown some shade over Pete by posting a TikTok with a song by his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande.

“Kim’s good friend from EmRata, so drama is sure to happen,” read one Tweeter. “Kim really threw a TikTok at Ariana Grande after the Pete & EmRata news,” said another one.

And some people have even speculated that Kim deliberately posted a series of sexy photos in response to all the buzz around Pete and Emily.

However, according to sources close to Kim who spoke with Hollywood Life on Thursday, the mogul is totally fine with it all.

“Kim has known Emily for a while and she approves of them dating,” an insider said. “She thinks it’s cute and she’s legitimately happy that he found someone who is more up to his speed and on the same wavelength as him.”

“They live in the same city, they are close in age and they have worked on several projects together, including the photo shoot they both talked about. She is heavily immersed in the New York scene, just like him. They know a lot of the same people and run in the same crowds, so Kim thinks they go well together,” they added.

Interestingly, these reports come months after sources claimed Kim was ready to date someone older who “understands her life” following her split from Pete.

“Kim has said she’s open to dating someone older, but it has to be the right person who understands her life,” a source told E! News at the end of August.

Admitting that her current romantic choices haven’t worked out too well for her, Kim said: “I think my next route… I feel like I have to do something. [different]like, going to different places.

“It’s clearly not working, no matter what I do. So I don’t know,” she continued, before disclosing that she would consider dating a doctor or a lawyer in the future.

“Maybe [I’ll go to] a hospital and meet a doctor, [or] a law firm – I think it will be a scientist, a neuroscientist, a biochemist, a doctor, a lawyer… Maybe that’s what I envision in the future,” she said.

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