Joy Drop: Canada shows love for GOAT Serena Williams

Hello friends! What a wonderful week of emotion, reflection and great joy. I am writing to you from the beautiful red sand beaches of Prince Edward Island. Visiting Frosty Treat, a local dairy bar in Kensington, brings me joy. Here I am with my favorite order: a hazelnut dip. Yes, ice cream brings me all the joy. I hope you are enjoying the flavors of summer!

(Shireen Ahmed)

Let’s start with the news that got everyone in their feelings about the GOAT

Just 24 hours before playing the National Bank Open in Toronto, Serena Williams published an article in Vogue magazine announcing her retirement from tennis after the US Open this summer. Although she didn’t beat Belinda Bencic, she had the hearts of the crowd.

The cries of “We love you, Serena!” were loud and proud. And the National Bank Open gave him (and his daughter Olympia) jerseys from the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors. Watching tennis fans cheer on a woman who has struggled with everything from racism in the media to maternal health issues gives us perspective and an opportunity to reflect on a tremendous athlete and wonderful woman.

My first in-person tennis match was watching Serena at the National Bank Open in 2019 and I will never forget the speed and power of her serves and the sound of the court. She is an athlete whose life journey we follow and marvel at her sincerity and honesty despite the limelight. There will be tears in her retirement as she was such an inspiration on the circuit for so long. And of course, we wish him the best in everything going forward.

Now on to another amazing event that has us buzzing: Little League World Series qualifying for next week’s event in Williamsport, Pennsylvania has begun. My friend, Dan Solomon, made a fantastic article about it in The Texas Monthly.

Kaiden Shelton, a pitcher from Texas, received Isaiah Jarvis, a hitter from Oklahoma, in the face. Jarvis fell but was fine. Shelton was in tears on the mound, and then Jarvis walked up to him to let him know he was fine. It was a moment that definitely brought me to tears because a player comforting another athlete on the opposing team will always be a gesture of kindness and compassion. Sport is more than winning, it’s about caring, sportsmanship and kindness.

Kudos to Jarvis for being strong enough to see that Shelton needed that support. In a world where young men are bombarded with ideas of machismo, it’s heartwarming to see that not only can they get emotional while being top athletes, but they can also be incredible people.

This week, this online diary offers you an ode to greatness and shameless behavior because six years ago, Serena Williams was in the shoes of Beyoncé sorry the video itself being phenomenal.

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