Britney Spears caught off guard by Sam Asghari on Instagram Live

On Wednesday night, Britney Spears was caught off guard when her husband, Sam Asghari, went live on Instagram seemingly without her knowledge.

Sam, who tied the knot with Britney in June after nearly six years of dating, apparently had nearly 3,000 people tuned in to watch him chat with his Live followers.

However, things got very awkward when he suddenly asked Britney – who he was sitting with in the dark, apparently in bed – if she wanted to appear on camera.

“Can I show you or not?” he asks the pop star, who is off camera. Confused, she responds, “Huh? Show me what?”

“On the Live,” Sam says, to which Britney replies in frustration, “What are you talking about? »

Sam asks, “Can I turn the camera on you?” However, Britney makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be filmed, saying, “I don’t need to see anything, I know!”

Sam doesn’t turn the camera on Britney, but continues to talk to viewers next to her. “It’s called Instagram Live, but we’re ending it now. So good night,” he said.

Clearly frustrated, Britney then raised her voice and said, “I don’t want to interfere, I have nothing to say. I don’t want to talk to them now.

Sam replies, “Sounds good,” and the pair then sit in silence for a few seconds.

As a clip of the awkward exchange began to Draw attention on social networks, several Internet users have come to the defense of Britney, arguing that she was well within her right to close Sam for having put her “on the spot”.

“She has every right to privacy and not want to talk to anyone,” one person said. wrote. “What Sam did was put her on the spot, and that’s not cool.”

“If only people could understand that she doesn’t like it,” another wrote. “I don’t know if people want her to do such a bad thing.”

If you follow Britney’s Instagram activity, you might know that the comments under her posts – many of which are shared multiple times – are often awash with speculation about her well-being.

Britney spent nearly 14 years under tight guardianship, which saw her father and a group of lawyers control her life and finances.

Since the legal arrangement was terminated last November, Britney has increasingly spoken out about the alleged abuse she has faced over the years.

And fans have continued to express concern for the singer over the past year, in part because of her social media activity.

In fact, just like Britney, Sam’s Instagram comments are often flooded with worried fans wondering where Britney is.

And so, it’s since been presumed that Sam tried to film Britney on her Instagram Live due to continued concern online.

“It’s because people keep asking him to do live videos as proof of existence, I know that sounds silly but that’s what people say on his Instagram,” one person said. wrote in response to an excerpt from the awkward livestream.

However, most fans ultimately questioned Sam’s decision to catch Britney off guard and attempt to air it.

“But why is Sam going to live near her? Doesn’t he know her well enough not to ask her if she wants to get started? a person wrote on Twitter.

“After all she’s been through with [alleged] private surveillance I find this filming weird without her consent coming from her husband? said another one, referring to the allegation that Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, had previously allowed her room and phone to be monitored without her knowledge while she was living under guardianship. Jamie denied this claim.

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