ALPHA CAMP off-road concept brings the entire campers house outdoors

ALPHA CAMP builds a house while camping

One of the worries people may have when going out camping it’s forgetting something at home when you’ve already set off. Electric car Alpha Motor Corporation could solve the problem with its recent off-road concept, ALPHA CAMP, short for Collaborative Adventure Mobility Platform. Looking at the renders, the off-roader could carry the essentials needed for camping and beyond.

Of solar panels foldable and modular furniture in the shape of a circus tents and trailer attached behind the electric SUV, ALPHA CAMP is a dream come true for those who want to live outdoors for a while (and if a portable toilet is an issue, campers might want to check out the futuristic porta pot here).

images courtesy of Alpha Motor Corporation

The electric SUV comes from Alpha Motor Corporation’s REX The Adventure series whose traditional doors have been replaced by two full-size tubular doors, almost resembling the style of safari jeeps. Its rear cabin has a rigid triangular bed bar to offer campers driving in an open car.

A large cargo basket is fitted to the roof which can store up to two aluminum crates or giant coolers while the front is fitted with a line of LED lights which will blast beams to guide campers through the ride by night. Inside, the four-passenger bench seat was configured to be foldable and the rear seats were converted to removable seats to accommodate oversized cargo.

all-terrain alpha camp concept
REX electric SUV

There’s even a trailer attached with a tent on the roof

The ALPHA CAMP all-terrain concept from Alpha Motor Corporation and several employees has spacious storage compartments located under the bonnet and at the level of the rear tailgate of the vehicle. The vehicle’s interior also incorporates several advanced features, including a driver-centric digital speedometer, digital center display, optional haptic interior audio and climate controls, digital audio system, dual center console with rack built-in cups and an AC power outlet for recharging the electric SUV while camping, to name a few.

all-terrain alpha camp concept
trailer attached behind the electric SUV

Behind the electric SUV, there is an attached teardrop trailer whose doors open to a mattress and checkered seat cushions that provide sleeping space for campers. An enclosed overhead storage bin sinks into the ceiling, and utility hooks are fitted around the interior frame for campers to easily store their clothing, backpacks, and other outdoor gear.

Modular LED lanterns are also positioned inside and can be assembled vertically to create a large floor lamp for nighttime visibility. Above the trailer – yes, above the attached trailer – is a lightweight rooftop tent with a side ladder entry that comfortably accommodates 4 people.

all-terrain alpha camp concept
all-inclusive camping essentials

A collaboration between different companies

On the exterior of the SUV trailer, campers can fit a grill set, a foldable picnic table, and a yurt with textiles to match the roof top tent (yurt fabric walls are removable). Inside the airy yurt a plush California King Size platform bed (at least in the rendering) can be placed.

Joshua Boyt, business development manager at Alpha Motor Corporation, comments in the company’s press release that the team also featured a special guitar in CAMP to represent cars and live music together.

all-terrain alpha camp concept
campers can set up their grill outside

“The digital twin of my grandfathers old 1938 Gretsch guitar symbolizes the influence of music in my life. Alpha’s virtual counterpart is authentic to the original and I hope to one day pass on this unique guitar of a kind to my children knowing that the legacy of my grandfathers will live on forever,” he shares.

The ALPHA CAMP off-roader is a collaboration between Alpha Motor Corporation and several names such as Rolling Stone Korea, Free & Easy, DMOS Collective Inc., Equipt Expedition Outfitters, Onyx Coffee Lab, KC Lights and Black Rhino Wheels who have all contributed. for the design and editing of renderings.

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