9sekunden films the Swiss National Museum origami extension in Zurich

9sekunden presents a preview of the film from the Swiss National Museum

In the film directed by Gil Amado, 9 seconds captures the visual, functional and social narratives of the 2016 National Swiss extension Museum, Zürichconceived by Christ & Gantenbein. Despite its seemingly initial confrontation with the surroundings, the short film reveals how the new wing creates an architectural ensemble that not only integrates but elevates its urban setting through moving image and music. The volume unfolds widely into the space adjacent to Platzspitz Park, reflecting the characteristic roofscape of the original 1898 museum designed by Gustav Gull.

All images courtesy of 9sekunden

9sekunden: the love of good cinema, architecture and nature

Good architecture is made up of enduring works of art that connect with people through their atmosphere. They release something in people that lets them grow, educates them – in aesthetics, perception, but also in devotion to the creative process itself,‘9sekunden tells designboom ahead of the premiere of the new film.

9 seconds is a team of young filmmakers and designers with expertise in space, graphic design and applied arts, united by a shared love of good cinema, architecture and nature. Previous shorts with leading architectural practices, such as David Chipperfield Architects, Gigon / Guyerand Tadao Ando, trained the creative studio to uniquely understand the essence of space in terms of proportions, materials, time and atmosphere – all captured in their films. These audio-visual spaces that invite visitors to watch and experience architectural projects are favored over the superior, faster and more distant media typically seen in the modern digital age.

9sekunden's film captures the origami extension of the Swiss National Museum, Zurich

9sekunden has collaborated with sound designers in the past to deepen the quality of audiovisual spaces. For the film of the extension of the Swiss National Museum by Christ & Gantenbeinone of the studio’s most treasured collaborations was formed with the Portuguese sound designer and music producer Gil Amado. The multi-instrumentalist musician illustrates the relationship between image and sound. These sound stories interact and merge with the visual to create a precious symbiosis. In 9sekunden’s new film, the qualities of minimalist music conjure up a contemplative soundscape to enrich the moving images.

9sekunden's film captures the origami extension of the Swiss National Museum, Zurich

the new movie takes off

Seen from above – as captured in the opening scenes of the film – the museum extension is reminiscent of a filigree origami sculpture of a bird. Herds playfully interact with the building, as if part of the choreography of the architecture in its urban setting. This interaction between the building and nature was a source of inspiration for the filmmakers and the sound designer. The flapping of the birds’ wings, for example, translates into the musical score.

9sekunden's film captures the origami extension of the Swiss National Museum, Zurich

The inspiration of the birds added another level to the function of the museum – as a stage. The idea of ​​a scene is apparent throughout the film: like nature, like birds and sunlight, interacts with the project; the new form and its relation to the old; and visitor behavior inside the museum. Divided into three chapters, each segment of the film builds on each other to create a holistic story, while remaining independent in its unique appearance.

9sekunden's film captures the origami extension of the Swiss National Museum, Zurich

Years of photographic and cinematic investigations of theater atmospheres have enriched 9sekunden to capture a narrative quality in their films. The invisible is made visible for the Swiss National Museum, from the visual to the functional and social. It raises awareness of similar architecture that endures over time, its added value for society and encourages discourse on the future of our built environments in a multisensory way.

Watch the full movie at the top of the article.

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