10 Best Apps to Diagnose Android Device Health

Just like your PC, your Android smartphone has various hardware components. If any of these components malfunction, you may experience problems while using your Android smartphone.

The issues you encounter with your Android smartphone aren’t always software-related. Sometimes it can be due to faulty hardware or corrupted ROM. So, if you’re having trouble using your Android device, you might find this guide helpful.

This article lists some of the best apps to help you diagnose the health of your Android. With these free apps, you can quickly determine if the hardware components of your Android device are working properly.

10 Best Apps to Diagnose Android Device Health

Some of these apps will also let you know if there’s a problem with the version of Android software you’re using. So, without wasting any more time, let’s explore the list of best apps to diagnose android health smart phones.

1. Material TestM

TestM Hardware

TestM Hardware is an Android application that would help you in several ways. It’s an app that checks your phone’s hardware, sensors, and components to make sure everything is working properly.

The good thing about TestM Hardware is that it is free and offers a complete phone diagnostic solution for your Android smartphone.

The latest version of TestM Hardware can run over 20 comprehensive tests on your smartphone to identify issues. The app also supports over 20 languages.

2. HW+ Device Information

HW+ Device Information

Device Info HW+ isn’t a very popular app, but it’s one of the best apps you can use to diagnose the health of your Android device.

This does not run any tests; it just tells you the hardware and software information of your Android device.

You can use Device Info HW+ to check whether the hardware components are working properly or not with these apps. Apart from that, the app also displays the temperatures of hardware components by thermal sensors.

3. Checking and testing the phone

Phone check and test

Phone Check and Test is an Android app that can help you test Cellular, Wi-Fi, Display, Touchscreen, GPS, Audio, Camera, Sensors, Processor and Battery. battery of your smartphone.

You can use this lightweight app to test various hardware components. Phone Check and Test is ideal for monitoring the performance of Android smartphones.

Apart from testing, Phone Check and Test can also be used to get a comprehensive overview of a phone’s hardware and software information. The app can tell you about the device type, operating system, processor, RAM, display type, Wi-Fi network information, and more.

4. Phone Doctor Plus

Telephone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus is another great Android app on the list that can help you find hidden phone issues. The app provides 40 different types of diagnostic tests based on advanced technology.

Diagnostic tests can help you understand the current state of your phone. Apart from diagnostic tests, Phone Doctor Plus also provides detailed monitoring of your hardware, battery, memory, and storage.

Some other features of Phone Doctor Plus include tracking network usage, tracking battery charge cycles and discharge speed, etc.

5. Test your Android

Test your Android

As you might have guessed from the name, Test Your Android is an Android application that allows you to test more than 30 types of hardware elements and sensors of your smartphone.

The app provides real-time system monitoring of your CPU, network usage, and memory. You also have tests for sound and vibration, camera, flashlight, multi-touch, and more.

Test Your Android also has a unique feature called LCD Screen Color Tests which detects and fixes bad pixels on your phone. Overall, Test Your Android is a great app for diagnosing the health of your Android device.

6. Checking the screen

Screen check

Well, Screen Check is a very different app from the list. This is an ad-free app that lets you check your phone’s display for dead pixels and burn-in.

The good thing about Screen Check is that it uses 9 basic colors to find all dead or stuck pixels and display burn-in. Screen Check is a great Android app to check your phone’s display.

7. Dead pixel test

Dead pixel test

Dead Pixel Test is very similar to the Screen Check app we listed above. This one is designed for Android tablets and phones, filling the screen with a single color at maximum brightness.

The colors displayed on the screen at full brightness will help you find dead pixels. You can also use this app to search for screen burns.

Compared to Screen Check, Dead Pixel Test is easier to use and very lightweight. Dead Pixel Test requires roughly 100KB of storage space to install.



CPU-Z is not precisely a phone diagnostic appbut if you know how to use it, you can quickly figure out the issues with your SoC.

CPU-Z is a free Android application that reports information about your Android smartphone. It runs a test on your SoC and tells you the name, architecture, and clock speed of each core.

You can periodically run tests on your phone with CPU-Z to check how your phone performed in the past and how it performs now.

9. Accu​Battery

Accumulator battery

Accu​Battery is one of the most useful apps you can have on an Android. It’s a battery monitor app which displays battery usage information and battery status.

Accu​Battery uses information from the battery charge monitor to measure actual battery usage. The app needs time to analyze your phone’s battery charging and discharging speed and then informs you about its health status.

Apart from that, Accu​Battery also measures actual battery capacity, shows battery life in each charging session, remaining charging time, etc.

10. Repair System for Android

repair system for android

Repair System for Android differs slightly from all other apps listed in the article. It is an app that can help you save battery, boost RAM, cool down CPU, clear cache and junk files, manage apps, etc.

So it’s a Android optimization app which can solve many problems. Apart from basic optimizations, Repair System for Android also has a hardware test feature that checks each hardware and tells you which hardware is working and which is not.

For advanced users, Repair System for Android also has a root checker that checks whether the phone is rooted or not. If the phone is rooted, it helps you to verify root access.

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All the apps listed in the article were available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free. So here are some of the best free apps to diagnose the health of your Android device. If you want to suggest another Android health check app, let us know in the comments below.

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